4 Social Media Marketing Challenges You Need To Overcome Today

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Social channels such as Facebook and Twitter has dramatically changed the way in which humans communicate with each other, and this by result changed the way companies are interacting with their customers.

To compete and succeed on the various social channel platforms and to launch effective marketing campaigns, there is a set of challenges that you’ll meet on the road, and you really have to overcome them first.

In this article, we listed the main four challenges:

Develop an effective social media marketing strategy

It is a very natural/common challenge and should be at the top of the list.

Social media marketing strategy is a summary of all what are you planning to do and the goals you are aiming to achieve for your business through the use of different social media channels.

The SMM Strategy usually starts by setting clear SMART goals and break them down into objectives with actions list and strategies and KPI’s.

The more these objectives are clear, the more they are easy to achieve.

The role of the marketing strategy does not end by guiding your day-to-day task and making sure you are on your objectives, but also plays a vital role to measure your marketing channels and tools’ performance.

Always remember that; success in social media marketing starts with good planning and effective strategy.

Measuring the Return on Your Investment

Social media marketing’s return on investment is simply represented by the true benefit your company is having from investing time & money resources in this field instead.

The return on investment varies dramatically amid industries, and even companies within the same industry because each entity has its goals, techniques, culture, message, etc..

Here comes the important of SMART goals you’ve set in your strategy:

You’ve to be sure that the goals are easily quantifiable and measurable through various indicators; for example:

  • Newsletter subscriptions from social media.
  • Sales opportunities from Social media.
  • The number of downloads of the application or a particular book coming from social media.

Choosing the right social media

It is quite obvious that you will not be able to conquer all social medias to promote your brand/product, that’s a huge investment and endless time, isn’t?

Plus, I can admit that your audience isn’t using all those social media channels out there, right?

So, to be effective you have to determine the appropriate social channel based on your marketing persona / ideal client. You have to study where this ideal client is located on the internet so you really can direct your efforts in the right place.

You have to ask yourself which social media/s is your ideal client using? When? What are the secondary channels he is using? Why?

You have to mind the content type for each social media and the tone of voice that attracts your clients.

Build your community

And, Social Network is a great place to do that.

Your social media followers are not just numbers on your page/account. And not all of them behave the same way. They are individuals, each with their reasoning and behaviors associated with why and how they interact with your brand. You have to act accordingly.

Ask, and listen to what they want to read, buy, improve?

Talking with them, building relation with them on-line and on-ground can greatly boost your brand loyalty. Or leave them for competition. It’s your call.