What is LUCIDYA?

AI-powered Customer Experience Management platform

We empower businesses to understand and better serve their customers using industry-leading AI built for the Arab world

Our CX suite of products

One CXM platform with different products to help you uplift your CX in one place:

Social Listening

Listen to all public posts and media articles whether related to your brand, competitor, or industry.

Our Social Listening product collects and analyzes data related to your brand, audience and competitors across various social media platforms.


Channel Analytics

Integrate all your customer-facing channels to collect every single interaction for in-depth analysis

Our Channel Analytics product collects and analyzes customer data across all of your owned channels, including direct messages to your social media accounts, instant chats (WhatsApp Business + Intercom), emails, ratings and reviews (Google My Business).



Automate measuring the Voice of the Customer (VoC) and optimize your CX with customer survey software built for enterprises

Our Survey collects and analyzes data in response to various types of questions curated to shed more light on people’s experience with your brand.


Audience (CDP)

The power to know your customers as individuals and personalize their experiences

Our Audience (CDP) product builds individual profiles about each of your customers, based on data collected from our Channel Analytics and Survey products


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Most accurate Arabic sentiment analysis

By understanding different Arabic dialects and slang, our AI engine reached an unmatched accuracy for analyzing Arabic content

Ranked #1

Ranked as the highest-rated in our category by users in the MENA region and among the best in the world

360º view of customers

All customer interactions across many digital channels in one platform whether via social media channels, emails, rating websites, or chat

Exceptional Customer Success service

We provide a dedicated Customer Success Manager who understands your audience to ensure you are getting the most out of the platform.

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