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Customer Experience AI
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Unlocking the Power of Customer Experience AI | Boost Your Business

Customer experience refers to the interactions that customers can have with your brand. It can include buying and using your product. Or it can involve contacting customer support. A good experience for the customer helps to build loyalty with your brand. It’s so important that 81 percent of businesses will compete on customer experience. Yet do you know how to understand and manage your customer experience? If not, then artificial intelligence (AI) offers a great solution. This makes your business more competitive, now and in the future. Read on to learn why your business needs a customer experience AI platform.

Enjoy Better Marketing Success

Businesses are turning to AI to speed up the marketing process. Algorithms can track customer interactions, such as email opens or clicks. This leads to better segmentation, so customers receive emails they want to open. Using this kind of AI customer marketing automation cuts your workload. The system analyzes their behavior, saving you time. AI-generated reports show you which marketing techniques work best. Once you know what improves the customer experience, you can repeat those strategies.

Make Recommendations With Customer Experience AI

Algorithms also sit at the center of an automated marketing strategy. Businesses have made recommendations to customers for some time now. Amazon and Netflix both rely on recommendations to keep customers on the platform. Using AI means you can make personalized offers as part of the customer experience. 49 percent of customers report making impulse purchases based on personalized suggestions. You can make these offers on your website or through other marketing channels. Use your data analytics to pinpoint the best channels for each customer.

Provide the Best Customer Support

Customer service is a crucial part of the customer experience. Ideally, your customers never need to contact you. Yet using AI in customer management improves their experience if they do.

Not all customers contact support through your website. That’s why it’s important to use an AI solution like Lucidya. It tracks social media mentions of your brand. These alert you to issues raised on public platforms so you can solve them publicly. This improves the customer experience since you can respond fast. It shows potential buyers that you care about them and will solve issues when they arise. It’s also helpful to use chatbots. They can answer simple queries to cut the time spent waiting for support. If the question is too complex, they can direct customers to the right department. This AI-focused approach to troubleshooting problems means customers get help when it suits them

Provide an Unmatched Customer Experience

A customer experience AI platform is not just a ‘nice to have’ part of your business toolkit. It’s essential to how you treat—and keep—your customers. With so many businesses keen to compete on customer experience, you need a strong partner in your corner. Lucidya blends advanced social media listening tools with in-depth customer insights and analytics. Keen to see how it can help your business? Request a demo today and see its power for yourself.


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