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Channel Analytics product
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Everything you need to know about our Channel Analytics product

Are you a well developed business? A growing business? A new business? A small start-up? No matter how big or small you are, we are sure you are on top of your market trends and have read all the articles and industry reports. This means you are aware of how important it is to be able to track and analyze your customers’ journey across all physical and digital channels, as well as how crucial it is to have access to real-time data so that you can react quickly when necessary.

The question is no longer if you should be analyzing your customer facing channels. The question now is how you should analyze it. As the leading CXM platform in the MENA region Lucidya exists to make sure to give all brands, big or small, the power to improve their CX. 

To ensure this we have added Channel Analytics products to our CXM suite. Our channel analytics product helps brands understand customer interaction with their organization across different channels. It gives brands the power to collect and analyze customers’ interactions over different platforms. 

So the answer to how brands should analyze customer facing channels is channel analytics. A solution allowing brands to identify problems occurring at each stage of the digital customer journey, allowing them to make any and all changes or improvements needed.

Integration with Different Channels 

Our channel analytics product collects and analyzes most, if not all, of your customer facing channels. It integrates multiple customer facing channels i.e. it collects and analyzes data from all of these channels allowing brands to view their customer interactions in one platform. The channels with which it integrates include

Social media outlets

In social media, channel analytics integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. This integration allows collecting and analyzing all customer feedback in the form of public comments as well as the private messages sent directly to your social media profiles. However, so far the collection and analysis done on LinkedIn is just for its public messages. 

Instant chats

This product also allows integration of all interactions on two of your instant chat applications. 


You can integrate with whatsapp business and always keep track of your customer pain points and everything they might require from your brand. 


Another instant chat channel that can be integrated with our product is intercom where you can track all the customer interactions in real time or even historical chats. 


Customer feedback often comes via email and needs to be tracked to ensure you never miss out on any customer demands. So Channel analytics integrates with Gmail and allows brands to be on top of their customer interactions at all times. 

Google maps

Google maps is quickly becoming the channel customers review to check out any business, brand or restaurant for personal use. So Lucidya’s channel analytics integrates with google maps and ensures brands are always on top of the ratings and reviews given to them on Google maps. 


Our product also integrates with call logs, turning voice to text ensures all the customer and brand interactions are present in one place for the company’s review and analysis.  

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Key Features 

Listed here are some of the key features of our channel analytics product. 

One dashboard 

All the data collected from the channels that our product integrates with is placed in one dashboard giving an overview of the information. The dashboard also allows you to individually track channels or track all the information in one place. 

Agent performance 

Another key feature of our product is that it will track your customer care team’s performance and see if your agents are replying to your customers in time. Taking in all the metrics required to track their performance at these digital touchpoints. 

CDP integration 

Channel analytics also integrates with Lucidya’s Customer Data Profile product (Audience), which means through the help of this product brands can build a unified profile for the customers interacting on the different channels. 

Contact Activity

Another amazing feature of this product is tracking customer activity on all the integrated channels. So It can give you the day and time your customers contact with your brand allowing you to ensure your customer care team is active around those times. 

English and Arabic analysis 

One key feature that takes it a step further from other integration tools is its ability to provide accurate analysis in both Arabic and English for particulars such as sentiment, theme, account type, gender or location, etc.

Lucidya’s channel analytics is unique as it provides the ability to integrate with not just social media platforms but other channels as well. It collects and analyzes the data to identify trends and sentiments in your customer data history, allowing brands to always be aware of their customer interaction and team performance to get back to the customers and resolve their pain points. The data collected through our product is collected in real time allowing brands to act upon it quickly and their customer experience with each interaction. 

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