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Boost Your Digital Marketing with Location-Based Monitoring Tools

There is no doubt that; location-based monitoring tools represent the new era of analysis and statistics in the digital marketing field. Therefore, several companies and organizations are now heading towards using this type of technology that enables them to locate their target audience in a more specific way, giving them a closer look at their needs, behavior, and interactions.

So, what are location-based monitoring tools?

Simply they are analysis tools for social media and various digital marketing channels that depend on the exact geographic location of the target audience. Also, it gives you access to the regular analysis and monitoring tools functions already existing in yesterday’s tools. Hence, location-based monitoring tools help you know more about the now-conversations & opinions about you or your competitor.

How location-based monitoring tools will give your marketing a boost?

Location-based monitoring tools will greatly help companies to visualize billions of live-streaming and historical posts on maps in real-time. This is useful to discover patterns and start understanding what’s really going in the mind of your target market. Now, you can measure the impact of your published content by place. You can also study the different conversion rates of your marketing efforts and optimize them.

Awesome, isn’t? And moreover, that’s not all.

Analysis tools like Lucidya also helps you to:

  • Analyze and benchmark your campaigns and live events by measuring the reactions of attendees/followers in different locations.
  • Easily sharing clients’ posts by helping you to find the perfect content for sharing. This, for example, includes images posted by your clients using your products. Such posts can be a good source of feedback, right?
  • Competitive Analysis dashboards in monitoring tools like Lucidya, assist you in keeping your eye on competitors and benchmark your performance against them. Additionally, you can analyze your competitors’ marketing techniques and highlight any potential failings in their own approach. This will lead to a better positioning and eventually a better customer experience.
  • Acquire more customers: Marketers can now participate in the live conversation and choose the right time to introduce your product/solution to target niche.
  • Tools like Lucidya helps you with finding new keywords that matters to your target clients on a daily basis, giving you more ideas for content and helping you to expand your online reach.
  • Identify areas of high demand. Normally; the demand for a particular product varies from place to place. Here comes the importance of location-based monitoring tools that show you areas with high/low demands, enabling you to take quick and smarter decisions.
  • Being Up-to-date. Learn what resonates with product users and early adopters to find new product development and improvement opportunities. And in addition, Identify and quantify issues, track the success of new launches, and collect specific product feedback.

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