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The Best Monitoring and Analytics Tool for Online Business

Now it is the world of information technology, and businesses are running on online media more than in the physical branches. In the post-coVID region, it has become essential to perform business by staying in distant locations as the people have faced many problems in the quarantine. They could not make their earnings as they were not allowed to go outside. Most people have shifted their business online to earn their livelihood. 

Now when people are running an online business, they need to stay updated with the latest technology because this age is the competition of technology. Those who do not adopt the technology at the right time will remain in the race for success. Customers play an essential role in the success of any business. They always go with the company that offers the latest and most impressive products and prioritize customers and make them engaged with the brand. With the advancement in technology, businesses have started deploying the latest tools to capture the audience’s attention. 

Nowadays, many monitoring and analytics tools are available in the market, which helps businesses collect data about the brand from different social media channels to gain critical insight. The data collected by these tools are analyzed to make crucial business decisions. So a company does not avoid using the right tools for performing online business, even if the organization is small or big. It has to work to know its potential customers and introduce services and products according to customers’ requirements. 

This article will guide you on how to upgrade your business with the #1 monitoring and analytics tool and how Lucidya can be a better platform for you to implement in your interactions. Moreover, it will also discuss integrating this platform with other devices and how it can work in cross-departmental use. So let’s get started. 

What Is a Monitoring and Analytics Tool, and What Is Its Importance? 

The way toward success is full of puzzles and dead ends. It may block the way you chose to end your journey last time, so you have to make a solid plan that can take you to the right end. Monitoring and analytics tools can help you find the required information from enormous data. The brands performing online business need to track and monitor their customer data and the conversation they make on the different channels and blogs of the brand. 

In this modern world, monitoring and analytics are critical to running a business successfully and making products up to the level of the competitors. The brands need a system that can make it possible to deliver only the effects that the customers need. And to understand their needs, the monitoring system is essential. These tools help the brands record even a single click of the customers on your brand and make you aware of everything happening. So how can you deny the importance of monitoring and analytics tools for your business? Keep your business upgraded with the latest tools to increase customer satisfaction and revenues. 


It is necessary to implement the right tool to get accurate results. As I told you earlier, there are many monitoring tools available in the online market; you need to choose the right one. Here in this article, we will specifically discuss Lucidya. Lucidya is an Arabic social media analytics tool that leverages AI to empower businesses to understand and satisfy their customers. It is built explicitly for the Arabic world, but it also has the proficiency to analyze content in English along with different Arabic dialects. 

Big enterprises have started investing in Lucidya as it uses the latest technology and processes the customers’ requests. It keeps track of what your target customers think about your brand and monitors their movement on other similar brands. It owns the brands and updated the methodologies and marketing techniques that the other competitors are adopting to increase customer engagement, satisfaction, and brand revenues. 

Lucidya can be the best solution if running your business in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region. It can work closer to the customers’ interests and provide services in their native dialect to make them comfortable with your brand. The customer can give feedback easily in their regional language rather than some other globally used language. It keeps collecting the customers’ input regularly to keep you aware of minor ton massive changes that can impact your brand in the future. 

Integration with Other Tools 

As told you, Lucidya not only collects and monitors your customers’ data on different social media channels of the brand, but it also provides different other tools in its CMX suite, which increases its worth. It helps the brands to uplift the customer experience to one place. It collects the data from all the brand channels, gathers it in one place, and categorizes this data to make essential business decisions. 

The most significant benefit of Lucidya is that it analyzes all the channels of the brands where customers interact with the brand and collects even a single interaction of a customer for deep analysis. It keeps track of all the customers’ views and is ranked as the number one platform in the MENA region and among other best tools globally. It collects the customers’ conversations from live chat, email messages, social media channel conversations, and rating websites. Due to its integration with other channels, it has won many international awards. 

Lucidya Brand Strengths 

Social Listening 

Social listening is a way to listen to the customers (new or existing) on all the posts and articles related to the brand, influencer, and industry. It makes the brands understand what people expect from them and how your influencers are marketing their products. 

Survey Analysis 

Lucidya is also introducing survey analytics to automatically measure the customers’ voice and optimize it with customer survey software to increase positive customer experience. 

Sentiment Analysis 

Lucidya tracks the customer conversation and makes the brands able to understand the customers’ needs. It makes the brands aware of what customers expect and how to improve their customer care services. It also tracks what customers are expecting from your competitors so that you can make the product up to their expectations and attract the target audience. 

Crisis Management 

As Lucidya can track the critical conversation of the customers on your brand and your competitor’s website, it can easily predict the future of the industry. It detects the small changes in the brand and alerts the brands about them so the technical teams can make important decisions to avoid crises before appearing in severe shape. You can also learn from your competitors. If they fail in some strategy, you can drop that method and adopt the process, which helps to increase customer satisfaction, brand reputation, and revenues. 

Generate Reports 

Lucidya offers an easy-to-use and attractive dashboard and categorizes the data according to the department. In this way, the departments do not have to go through all the data. They only get access to the required information and decide by using it. With its constant reporting feature, the organization can monitor the brand’s reputation and its current position in the market. 

Cross-Departmental Use 

A company can use social media monitoring and analysis tools for each brand’s department running an online business. As discussed earlier, you can use Lucidya for generating insights from customer reviews and feedback for each department. Every department of a company can use these tools for its requirements. Lucidya can be used in the following departments. 


One of the most common uses of social media analytics tools is to build a marketing strategy to introduce products according to the customers’ interests. It provides complete market research to brands to make appropriate methodologies to launch their products. It knows what attracts the public, making the products according to their requirements. 


PR is the public relations that manage the brand’s reputation to understand how people see and feel about the brand. Lucidya helps the people identify the PR of the brand and makes it able to take appropriate steps to increase the positive PR of the brand. 

Customer Care 

Customer care is an essential objective of the brands while doing online business and increasing the number of loyal customers and satisfaction. Lucidya provides quick responses to the customers’ queries and makes customer care teams efficient in resolving their issues frequently. 


Social media monitoring is an essential fact in this age of technology. It keeps you updated about the customer’s experience with your brand, gives competitive insight into the market, and makes brands understand the customers’ requirements. Social media monitoring tracks the keywords, Hashtag, and mentions on your brand to keep you updated about the audience and industry. The brands have to use the monitoring tool to be excellent social citizens. 

It makes the brands understand their customers, keep them engaged and avoid blunders that can cause a considerable loss. Social media monitoring is not only something you need to run your business online. You have to integrate it with other tools like social listening, crisis management, customer care, and building brand reputation. Lucidya can be a perfect tool. It monitors and keeps track of what is going on in and around your brand and provides a Customer Experience Management (CMX) suite that includes other tools that a business needs throughout its journey. So you should upgrade your business with social media monitoring tools and give Lucidya a chance.


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