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Noon is joining Lucidya’s distinguished clientele!
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Noon is joining Lucidya’s distinguished clientele

Noon is joining Lucidya’s distinguished clientele!

We are proud to announce our new client Noon E-Commerce, one of the biggest and most prestigious online marketplaces in the Middle East. Noon is supercharging their online presence with cutting edge Artificial Intelligence technologies provided by Lucidya, the leading Arabic-focused social listening tool. 

Noon will be using Lucidya to be able to continuously monitor & improve their online presence in various social media channels by the advanced social listening capabilities Lucidya is offering. Measuring and optimizing marketing campaigns along with gauging the efficiency of customer service and knowing customers’ needs are other goals Noon is planning to achieve with Lucidya platform. The ability to detect different Arabic dialects along with high accuracy of sentiment analysis Lucidya is providing for both Arabic and English made Lucidya the perfect choice for Noon.

Lucidya announced its recent expansion to the UAE in October this year to meet the growing demand from companies in the UAE market, such as Noon and others, for the services it provides.

Lucidya is a technology company specializing in social media analytics and customer experience management. It provides tools and solutions that help businesses monitor, analyze, and engage with their customers across various digital platforms. By leveraging artificial intelligence and data analytics, Lucidya enables companies to gain insights into customer sentiment, track brand reputation, and improve their overall customer service and marketing strategies. The company’s services are particularly valuable for businesses looking to understand and respond to customer feedback and trends in real-time.

Noon is joining Lucidya’s distinguished clientele!

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