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Find Social Media Trends: Tools to Boost Your Business

This is the age of social media and more and companies are looking for ways to make their content more relevant to social media. It is an essential tool, needed to get your brand ahead of the competition. Social media allows you to better understand your audience and create exciting content for them. 

In the days of the past it was a simple task to find out the latest topics, you could pick up a newspaper and find out the trending topics. However as the communication links advance, finding trending topics on social media is not so easy. But there are some tools available now that help find out the trends on social media. 

When you correctly understand social media trends, you can improve your social media marketing strategy. The direction a trend is taking never remains the same and can change anytime, that is why you have to make sure you are always on top of the latest trends. When you catch the right directions for your brand at the right time, it helps boost your marketing plan, leading to your brand’s growth. 

If you are running a brand and want to know about social media trends, then you have to use some specific tools to find out the top trends and then use them at the right time to increase your sales. This article will let you understand how to find social media trends. So please keep reading to see the latest social media topics to make your business according to it.      

Popular Social Media Sites 

If you are looking for ways to find out social media trends, you have to first know about the popular social media websites and what number of users are using these sites. This way you can concentrate on the site which has more users, to help you make a great marketing strategy. 

Below is a list of some of the most popular social media websites with approximate users. 

  • Facebook has approximately 45 billion users, more than any other social media site. 
  • Instagram: there are 1 billion users on Instagram, the second most popular social media site. 
  • TikTok: this social media site has approximately 400 million users 
  • Twitter: Twitter has 330 million user accounts. 

Social listening platforms know the importance of Twitter trends for marketing. You might be surprised by the figures as Twitter has only 330 million users, but when it comes to top trends, Twitter is on top. The fact is that 330 million is a huge crowd when it comes to making trends. 

Why are Social Media Trends Important? 

Social media trends are significant for businesses. It helps the marketers and managers know about a brand’s value. Your industry might use trends as a direction for the development of the product. Trends are the quickest and easiest way to put your brand’s name out in the market. It becomes essential for the organizations to monitor top trends to compete. It is useless to find a trend when it loses its worth. You have to identify it on time and use it for your brand’s profit. 

How to Find Social Media Trends? 

Marketers use different tools to monitor the top trends regularly and help their businesses grow by finding social media trends. In this section, we will discuss the most popular social media websites when it comes to trends, and you will also get to know about different tools to analyze trends. 

Twitter Trends 

Twitter is the fastest platform to move content. It is always the site that breaks major news and stories. If you are running a business primarily on Twitter, there are two ways to find top trends. The first method is called moments which you can get with or without having a Twitter account. Twitter stories are of curated nature. That is why you can only watch the big stories in a day. This data is available with some explanation about the story and some critical tweets by influential personalities of the domain.

The second way to find out Twitter trends is personalized, which a person can only get if they have a Twitter account. So if you have a Twitter account, you can find customized directions on the main page of your Twitter account on the left-hand side. It automatically shows some selective trends on Twitter using a specific algorithm based on your account, location, and the accounts you follow. It even allows you to find the trends of a particular area, by clicking on the change icon at the top, in the trends section. It can be beneficial for the people who want to do marketing on some targeted or local markets.  

Lucidya is an Arabic social media analysis tool that helps identify the top trends. It gives insights about the entire industry and can help you take your company to the heights of success. 

Facebook Trends 

Facebook is one of the top social media websites having the highest number of active users when compared to other social media sites. To find out top trends on Facebook, you have to log in to your company’s Facebook account or Facebook page. You will see a top trending section on the right-hand side; the content shown on this page will depend upon your likes, follows, and personal information that Facebook has collected when you make an account. 

It is straightforward to identify top trends on Facebook. It groups related stories in one place like it makes groups of technology, entertainment, politics, top trends, and many more. The trending section of Facebook was in the news recently as journalists revealed that Facebook is personalized. There are different types of tools like Blue and Red Feed to represent top stories displayed with the help of algorithms. But it only shows some specific news. That is why you cannot say it is the most efficient tool to find top trends but is a great tool to remind us that social media trends are different for different people. 

If you want a social media listening tool that can help you find social media trends, then Lucidya is an excellent choice, as it finds the top trends related to your brand and to your industry. In this way, companies can make comprehensive decisions and boost their businesses.

Finding Trends on Instagram 

Instagram is a social media website where people post their data to stay engaged with their friends, followers, and the account they like and follow. A significant fact about Instagram trends is creating trends in real-time, which means that you can only find out trends of people you follow. So you will miss the top trends and content of all the people you don’t follow.

YouTube Trends 

If you have a YouTube channel and are looking for ways to find out top YouTube trends, you can find them on the left of your homepage. Here you will see the top trends of your location, but if you want to know about the top trends of some other place, then scroll then scroll down and head to the change location option. You can change the country here and watch the top trends of any other country. Google trends also allow identifying YouTube trends, enabling you to get alerts of daily trends by applying a safety filter.

Google Trends 

Google trends are a familiar tool for most SEOs. In this tool, you can enter a topic that you want to know is trending? It will provide you with a historic number of searches on that topic, you can check if it is trending or falling. The tool also provides the stories organized and shows the accounts with the search terms. It shows the results in graphs which also show the time and number of times the word is searched. A big thing about the Google trends page is that it gathers data from searches on Google, YouTube, and Google news. You can click on any specific stories to show you the sample and geographic breakdown.


The front page of the internet exposes trending stories that bring top stories to the homepage. Many people try to access this site at the same time. That is why businesses also check the trends on Reddit. 

All the above social media trend-finding tools are free, which means you will not have to pay some monthly subscription to use these tools, but free things always come with limitations. Here are some popular devices in the market which can precisely find social media trends. You can try one of the following tools for this purpose. 

  • Signal 
  • Audiences 

Wrapping Up 

Trending has now become the nature of doing business. It is essential to find out the trending content for your brand and other competitors so you can make the right business decisions. The article has presented the tools to find social media trends on different platforms, in hopes of benefiting you. 


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