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Tag: Digital Marketing

Customer Care: Different communication channels for different customers and industries

We cannot overlook the fact that the industrial sector is highly competitive today. However, relying solely on product and service development to stay ahead in the race is significantly inadequate. What is the significance of companies offering a high-quality product or service with poor customer care? Combining the two aspects would ensure that the company […]

The Significance of Crisis Management in Delivering Exceptional Customer Experience

It is often stated that calm seas do not make a professional diver. Similarly, the same principle applies to management during regular times and favorable conditions. It is through facing challenges and difficulties that managers and employers are truly tested and pushed to enhance their skills, enabling them to effectively navigate and manage crises. Crises […]

Understanding the Concept of 360-degree Customer View and its Implementation with Lucidya

The marketing and customer service teams are confronted with a significant challenge in their pursuit of delivering an outstanding customer experience that reflects positively on the brand. Despite their efforts to understand customer requirements, pain points, and needs, they face hurdles due to insufficient data or an incomplete picture of the customer.Achieving a complete and […]

Understanding the Importance of Customer Experience in the FMCG Industry

The customer experience commences long before the customer even picks up the phone, extends beyond reading ads or initiating chats on social media. One such domain where this begins is the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry. But what exactly does the FMCG industry entail? Today, the landscape of perishable consumer goods has undergone significant changes, […]

The difference between customer experience, client experience, and user experience

Smart companies strive to deliver exceptional interactions throughout the entire customer journey. They recognize the importance of improving customer experience, user experience, and customer experience, understanding that a satisfied customer not only becomes a loyal customer but also becomes an advocate for the brand. In an interconnected landscape where customer expectations are constantly rising, companies […]

7 Reasons why competitor analysis is important

The Internet provides brands with multiple platforms and channels that connect them to wider segments of the audience, which makes the competition transcend geographical borders, so analyzing and comparing competitors has become an urgent necessity before starting any business or marketing activity. Analyzing and comparing competitors has numerous benefits beyond aiding in services and product […]

Restaurant Reputation Management:    9 Tips to Boost Your Online Presence

When a group of friends decide to go to a restaurant and someone suggests a specific venue, what would be the first thing they do? Typically, they search for information about the restaurant online. They might search for the restaurant’s name on Google Maps, look for it on social media, and read comments and customer […]

Enhancing Customer Experience in the Travel Industry: Utilizing Lucidya’s Audience Product

What if companies in the travel industry could craft personalized travel experiences that surpass customer expectations and deliver enhanced satisfaction? This possibility can be realized today through the utilization of customer data platforms. These platforms have transformed the travel industry by empowering businesses to gather and analyze customer data, encompassing their preferences, behaviors, and requirements. […]

Founder of Cloudera & Ex-VP at Google & Yahoo joins Lucidya’s Board of Directors

Riyadh, KSA (10 November, 2022) – We are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Amr Awadallah as an Independent Board Member.  Appointing minds like Dr. Amr Awadallah to the company’s board of directors expresses our ambition to develop an expansion strategy to compete with the leading global technology companies in the world.  The founder […]