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At Lucidya, we’re passionate about hiring the best talent to do their very best work. With an HQ in Riyadh and offices in different countries in the world, we are funded by the most reputable investors in the region and scaling rapidly to meet the increasing demand of our products.

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Giving brands the power to deliver game-changing customer experiences.


Innovative Technology Focus

Lucidya operates at the forefront of AI and data analytics, offering a dynamic and innovative work environment. This appeals to those eager to work with cutting-edge technologies and contribute to groundbreaking projects.


Career Growth Opportunities

Our company is known for its commitment to employee development. Professionals can take advantage of various growth opportunities, including leadership programs, skills training, and the chance to work on diverse, challenging projects.


Impactful Work

Employees at Lucidya have the opportunity to work on solutions that significantly impact businesses and individuals. This sense of purpose and the ability to contribute to meaningful change is a strong draw for top talent.


Collaborative Culture

Lucidya fosters a collaborative and inclusive work culture, encouraging creativity and teamwork. This environment is conducive to personal and professional development, making it an attractive place for those who thrive in collaborative settings


Competitive Compensation and Stocks

We offer competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package. This includes health insurance and stock options, making it financially rewarding to work here


International Exposure

Being a player in a global market, we provide our employees with international exposure which is a significant draw for those looking to expand their professional horizons.


Diversity and Inclusion

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion ensures a welcoming environment for all employees. This commitment to a diverse workforce is crucial for top talents looking for an inclusive workplace.


One-of-a-kind office space

Our comfortable and well-equipped workspace boasts dedicated recreation zones for fun activities, an auditorium for continuous learning and engaging workshops, and a serene chilling zone where you can unwind with your favorite book, a cup of coffee, or soothing music.


Celebrating You

We believe in recognizing and celebrating the achievements of our employees, as well as celebrating significant life events like birthdays, weddings, and graduations.


Certified Great Work Environment

We have been recognized as a Great Place To Work® in the Middle East, highlighting its commitment to employee satisfaction​​..


Strong Leadership and Vision

Our company is led by visionary leaders who are well-respected in the industry. Working under such leadership can be inspiring and provides a great learning opportunity.

Remote Work

We prioritize flexibility and trust in our employees. Whether you prefer to work from the comfort of your home, office or the excitement of different global locations, we support your remote work preferences.

Growth & Learning

We are committed to fostering your professional development. We believe in continuous learning and provide the resources (training programs and online courses) you need to grow in your career.


We understand the importance of work-life balance. You'll enjoy a generous allocation of vacation days, allowing you to recharge and spend quality time with loved ones.


We offer competitive and unparalleled pay to recognize your valuable contributions. Your hard work and dedication are rewarded with a compensation package that reflects your skills and experience.

Celebrating You

We believe in recognizing and celebrating the achievements of our employees, as well as celebrating significant life events like birthdays, weddings, and graduations.


Lucidya Recognized As A Great Place To Work® In The Middle East

Great Place To Work® has certified Lucidya for their amazing work environment, and for making employee satisfaction a top priority.

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Integrity, teamwork, Respect, and more


we pledge unwavering dedication to excellence, ensuring that every action we take drives towards unparalleled success and customer satisfaction.


Our compassion guides us to understand and empathize with our clients' needs, building meaningful connections that foster trust and long-lasting relationships


Our passion is contagious, igniting a spark that transcends throughout our work; we encourage everyone to catch this energy and pass it on, creating a ripple effect of enthusiasm and excellence in everything we do

Customer Focus

Putting customers at the center of everything we do


Innovation is our cornerstone; we constantly push the boundaries of creativity to deliver cutting-edge solutions that redefine the standards of customer experience

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Lucidya is one of the fastest growing SaaS startups in the world & the leading social media analytics tool geared towards Arabic language. By leveraging AI, Machine Learning & big data technologies, we are on a mission of helping businesses in MENA region to understand and better serve their customers using our Media & Customer Intelligence products.

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