The set of features that makes Lucidya a powerful yet very intuitive solution

  • Spike Detection & Analysis To Catch Trends At The Beginning

    Instant alerts
    Get notified whenever a potential issue arises with our real-time crisis detection tool.

    Spike detection
    Detect unusual traffic spikes in real-time to facilitate instant crisis response.

    Trending hashtags
    Stop missing out on what your customers are talking about—both good and bad—by keeping up to date on trending hashtags.

    Live dashboard
    View all vital social media statistics about your brand in an integrated and interactive live dashboard.

  • Simplified, Easy On The Eye Metrics & Statistics That Tells The Story

    Content engagement analysis
    Dive deep into how your target audience and customers are reacting to your content across different timelines.

    Top content
    Find out which content performs best to maximize the efficiency of your marketing budget.

    Sentiment analysis
    Are your customers happy with your customer care team? Are they concerned? Find out how your business is performing support-wise with our sentiment analysis feature.

    Tweet volume analysis
    Find out how often people are tweeting about your brand over a period of time.

  • Realtime Alerting System To Keep You Tuned All 24/7

    Instant reports
    Get up to date with the latest events and activities among your customers so you can respond instantly. Never miss potential PR opportunities and disasters again with real-time notifications sent straight to you when they happen.

    Advanced filters
    Choose the metric, type, and threshold for what you want to monitor. Make smarter business decisions by filtering unnecessary data and filling your inbox with insightful information.

    Real-time influencer alerts
    Get notified whenever a relevant influencer posts something to keep up with your target audience’s reactions.

  • Street-level location-based analysis using Hawk Eye

    Regional analysis
    Analyze where your brand is being discussed, broken down to the cities and countries of origin.

    Hawk Eye
    Gain access to our exclusive, interactive bird’s-eye view of your brand’s mentions from all over the world.

  • Automated Comprehensive Reporting For You And Your Management/Clients

    Smart report distributions
    Make sure your reports reach the right people at the right time—without you having to manually export dashboards.

    Beautiful, complete reports
    Get all the information you need in our visually-stunning reports so you can digest information easily. Set filters to select and discard unnecessary data to streamline your reports.

    Quick exports
    Export your findings instantly to Excel and other popular spreadsheet applications with the click of a button.


  • Competitive Analysis & Benchmarking Dashboard

    Share of voice benchmarking
    Benchmark your performance against competitors and identify your brand’s social media share in the industry.

    Sentiment analysis
    Compare the market sentiment of your brand and rivaling organizations in one user-intuitive, integrated view.

    Customer care
    Analyze the performance of your support team in catering to customer queries across every social media platform.

    Audience insights
    Uncover insights on what your customers truly care about to take your brand’s messaging strategy up a notch.

    Competitor account analysis
    Measure your competitors’ performance to discover underserved areas your brand can take advantage of.

  • Customizable dashboard easy to setup

    All-in-one view
    View every vital information—from customer sentiment to campaign performance—in one view. Extract information within seconds thanks to our user-intuitive dashboard design.

    Unlimited customization
    Personalize your dashboard however you like to show only the data you need. Our dashboard optimizes itself to fit your data so you always have instant access to important information.

    Real-time updates
    Never miss an important update again with our real-time dashboards. Views are updated instantly whenever a change is detected in your data.

Start making smarter decisions with Lucidya