Lucidya is used by businesses in various industries

  • Agencies

    Impress your client with the advanced analytical reports you can get with LUCIDYA.

    Show the client the hard work you do by measuring your campaign engagement and your posts impacts. Clients that can see the results, are confident in the decision they made to hire you.

    – Prepare for a sales pitch by using LUCIDYA unique location-based analytics.

    – Prove successful impact by measuring the engagement.

    – Send automated report to your client using Lucidya’s automated reporting system.

  • Brand

    Your current and potential customers are talking, sharing, liking, and even criticizing you across various social media channels. With LUCIDYA you can listen and observe those conversations to monitor your brand health and take over competitors by.

    – Insight into competitor strengths and weaknesses.

    – Influencer and detractor identification.

    – Research insights for future campaigns in real time.

    – Immediate product development insight and feedback.

  • Non-Profit

    Predicting, analyzing and acting on social media conversations in real-time is a must for organizations. It’s not enough to just listen for keywords and hashtags – you can start with the locations that matter most to increase situational awareness, reduce response time, and assist first responders. Only relying on keyword and hashtag listening means you are missing two thirds of social media activity. Add location-based intelligence to your social media data set to increase your community engagement: –

    – Get notified about any political discourse in your region and analyze the content.

    – Track your campaigns to measure their impact.

    – Create and maintain a positive public perception by measuring the key metrics and knowing influencers that drive social conversation.

  • Media & Journalism

    News travels rapidly via Social Media. Any smartphone owner could eventually be a photographer, critic, activity, …etc. Breaking news reaches a wide range of audience before traditional news sources can capture and validate it using orthodox methods.

    LUCIDYA is a simple and elegant tool to help you user identify, verify, and be a part of any story as it happens.

    – Get instant alert & emails on what going viral in your coverage area.

    – See who is engaging the most.

    – Capture the most spread images, videos or links about a trending story

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