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We cover most of industries

Find out more about Lucidya and how it assists businesses in managing customer experience.


We empower telecoms to excel in customer experience through strong relationships, solutions, and exceeding expectations

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Restaurants leverage social analytics for personal customer connections amidst lower margins, competition, and changing trends

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Lucidya empowers auto companies to connect with customers, deliver personalized solutions, and enhance customer experience strategies.

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Financial Services

In the digital world, financial companies must manage market demands, innovate banking trends, and leverage social media for valuable solutions.

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Travel & Tourism

Lucidya helps travel companies create memorable customer experiences by leveraging social media's influence on travel decisions.

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Government & Consulting

Delivering effective and personal customer experiences is crucial for consulting firms today. We helps firms globally to achieve optimal CX.

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Media & Entertainment

Streaming's rising popularity is shifting the entertainment industry. Social media analytics are key for media success in planning content creators

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Marketing Agencies

Maximize agency potential with social analytics, gaining inspiration from online conversations to create campaigns and enhance client performance

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Improve patient experience with Lucidya's social analytics insights, enhancing collaboration among healthcare team members for optimal care

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Lucidya helps FMCG companies analyze product data, trends, and competition across markets and seasons

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Lucidya can help sports brands use social media analytics to create positive and meaningful experiences with fans.

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