Delivering personalized solutions and building relationships with customers are two key goals for automotive companies. Lucidya empowers companies—both automakers and dealers—to connect with every customer from top to bottom. Elevate your customer experience strategies to the next level with Lucidya’s enterprise-grade social analytics tools.

Turn Buyers into Loyal Fans

Delight buyers, car enthusiasts, and team members with personalized customer experiences crafted from actionable insights and valuable data. Make the buyer journey exciting for your customers to turn them into loyal supporters of your brand, thus increasing the lifetime value of your business.

  • Detect unhappy customers to solve their problems before they turn into PR disasters in the automotive industry.
  • Align your marketing to gain new customers and retain existing ones through personalized, hyper-effective messaging. Boost your profits when customers fall in love with your brand’s authenticity.
  • Capture customer interactions and online conversations across every social media platform to find out how your brand is performing. Identify automotive trends to gain a major competitive advantage over rivals.

Build Stronger Partnerships With Dealers

Car dealers are the people responsible for getting your inventions on the road. Develop stronger partnerships with dealers to increase work efficiency and negotiate better terms for the benefit of your brand. Tackle common dealer challenges and create optimized buyer journeys for your partners to close more sales.

  • Empower dealers with real-time customer insights so they can refine their sales and marketing strategies to bring in more customers.
  • Manage partner reputations by tracking customer conversations focused on dealership keywords and topics.
  • Retain customers and encourage cross-selling through valuable insights that tap into the buying behaviors of high-value buyers.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Improving customer satisfaction across the buyer journey will boost your brand’s sales and reputation no matter where you are in the world. Deliver not only a stunning product, but also memorable experiences for customers. Improve your brand name in the automotive world with excellent customer support and even better experiences.

  • Gain access to performance data from the past and present to benchmark your brand’s performance across different timelines.
  • Integrate social media insights with other business tools to streamline your workflow and deliver optimal experiences to buyers.
  • Gather valuable feedback from target audiences to assist your R&D and push out better and innovation products to meet evolving customer demand.
  • Grow your reach by stimulating customer engagement with Lucidya’s social analytics tool. Engage with followers and brand mentions to close even more sales.

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