Performing constant product research, analyzing online and offline purchases, and checking customer reviews are must-haves in the modern FMCG company’s tasks. Lucidya helps consumer goods companies understand how they’re doing in various markets, benchmark their performance against competitors, and identify trends according to different seasons and peak periods.

Benchmark Performance Easily

The retail industry is one of the most crowded markets, with startups and enterprises changing their gameplan all the time. Lucidya allows FMCG companies to benchmark their performances against competitors easily to discover their position in the market.

  • Monitoring various KPIs including share of voice, customer happiness, and product performance through Lucidya’s social listening tool.
  • Compare your brand’s performance across industries at any point in time to fine-tune your marketing campaigns.
  • Discover unmet needs among your target audiences that your competitors are failing to address with their solutions.

Discover Upcoming Trends and Demand Spikes

By listening to important customer conversations, you can determine upcoming trends and benefit this knowledge faster than anyone in the market. Understand what drives consumer purchases and be prepared ahead of time so your supply chain is unaffected by demand spikes.

  • Identify product trends and changing customer preferences through keyword, hashtag, and personality monitoring.
  • Create profitable solutions to satisfy customer demand by understanding what the market truly needs in different timelines.
  • Discover new target audiences to market your products to drive revenue and growth in the retail sector.

Optimize Campaigns Effectively

A marketing strategy that works well and connects with your customers doesn’t happen by chance. With Lucidya, you can uncover important audience insights to modify your messaging and execute successful campaigns consistently. By leveraging consumer data, your customers will fall in love with your brand’s values, leading to greater margins and accelerated business growth.

  • Identify potential target audiences for every product line and the core message to wrap your campaigns around with.
  • Monitor performances in real-time to make changes as needed before your customers lose interest.
  • Optimize campaigns with detailed audience insights and market information through Lucidya’s comprehensive social listening tool.

Launch New Products Without Risk

FMCG companies are always launching new products to cater to customers. However, they could launch unwanted products or stock inaccurate quantities for in-demand goods. Lucidya allows retail companies to understand exactly what their customers want to eliminate failure in new product launches.

  • Learn from relevant consumer conversations to identify the right strategy, messaging, and budget for new product launches.
  • Discover how customers are reacting to your products in real-time with Lucidya’s advanced keyword monitoring tool.
  • Benchmark product launches with similar events from the past or against your competitor’s campaigns.

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