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Providing exceptional healthcare is a matter of utmost importance, and that is what distinguishes outstanding healthcare organizations from average ones. By leveraging Lucidya's social analytics insights, healthcare providers can deliver rapid, personalized, and valuable care to their patients.

Keep your patients happy

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Personalize your healthcare

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Keep your patients happy

Lucidya provides personalized, secure, and highly-optimized analytics tools so healthcare organizations can deliver the best experiences to their patients. This improves patient happiness while also contributing to better treatments and increased public confidence.

  • Gather important conversations centered around patients and medical trends with Lucidya’s social media analytics feature.

  • Integrate vital social media data with other healthcare tools to streamline your workflow and improve collaboration.

  • Check on patients after treatment to determine if they’re happy with your company’s performance. Improve your operations with customer insights thanks to Lucidya’s monitoring tools.

Respond quickly

Virtual care is growing in popularity among companies and individuals alike. With Lucidya, it’s easy to detect medical requests and patient inquiries across all social media platforms and communication channels. By being proactive, you establish your brand as a leader in the healthcare industry and as the number one choice among potential patients.

  • Detect patient and medical requests with Lucidya’s keyword and topic monitoring feature.

  • Send alerts and notify relevant team members whenever an emergency request is detected online.

  • Share insights with teams across all medical departments to improve collaboration and patient experiences.

Personalize your healthcare

Understand what drives patients to your organization with actionable stats and analytics derived from historical data. Revamp your processes to deliver better, more personalized healthcare to your patients. Compare your performance against previous timelines or competitors with our advanced benchmarking tool.

  • Analyze your patients from their behaviors to buying habits to understand what makes them loyal to your brand.

  • Detect social media peaks to identify healthcare trends that can benefit your patients immensely.

  • Generate live reports and analyze important healthcare data to improve your campaigns and keep patient satisfaction levels at all-time highs.

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