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The entertainment industry is facing a paradigm shift as streaming skyrockets in popularity and traditional media models slowly fade away. In this evolving landscape, viewers are seeking content that is not only engaging but also distinctively unique. By leveraging social media analytics, media companies can adapt to the changing demands of their audience, create compelling content, and foster a vibrant community of creators and viewers.

Optimize media conversions

Streamline your marketing budget

Better influencer marketing

Real-time monitoring

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Optimize media conversions

With advertising becoming less effective than it used to be, conversions are now extremely important for brands to achieve. Lucidya helps brands improve conversion rates by extracting the key elements of successful content through social listening. Your brand will no longer waste money on ineffective ads and mediocre content.

  • Capture audience reactions to content and ads through social listening campaigns focused on your target keywords.

  • Track conversations in real-time to understand how and why audiences are influenced by ad campaigns.

  • Analyze competitor strategies to figure out what they’re doing right with their content and how you can emulate them successfully.

Streamline your marketing budget

The average media company today cannot afford to spend millions on advertising with little results to show. With Lucidya, you can launch successful marketing campaigns by leveraging customer insights, leading to reduced marketing spend and higher profit margins.

  • Understand your audiences from demographic to psychographic information to structure successful marketing campaigns.

  • Capture audience conversations to measure the performance of your digital media campaigns.

  • Save valuable company resources by spending less on ad spend without sacrificing results.

Better influencer marketing

Working with the right talent is what separates great projects from mediocre ones. Lucidya allows you to identify rising and popular personalities with our industry-leading influencer marketing feature. Work with influencers who will accelerate the growth and reputation of your brand on the world stage.

  • Identify the best talent for production by assessing their fanbase, behavior, and personality.

  • Launch successful media promotions through personalities that have strong connections with your target audiences.

  • Keep track of your influencers’ activities to ensure they accurately convey your brand’s messaging and values among their followers.

Real-time monitoring

You may need to monitor audience reactions in real-time for specific events. Lucidya social listening does just that for you. Keep track of what people are saying every minute of every day across all social media platforms.

  • Keep up and interact with audience reactions no matter what social media platform they’re using.

  • Overcome PR disasters by making changes to your live event through audience reactions and insights.

  • Measure the performance and business impact of your live events to make informed decisions for similar events in the future.

  • Identify highlights and influencers that generated the most social media buzz to assist your planning for upcoming events.

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