Restaurants are impacted by lower margins, tight competition, and rapidly-changing eatery trends. These challenges can affect even the most successful restaurants. Social media analytics must be leveraged to overcome these problems and allow restaurants to connect with customers on an unprecedented personal level.

Capture Your Brand Reputation

Reputation is a key driver of restaurant success in the 21st century. Customers make decisions based on reviews and what people around them are saying about your restaurant. Lucidya enables you to capture these conversations so you know how people are feeling about your eatery, thus allowing you to improve brand reputation through optimized campaigns.

  • Get into the minds of your customers to understand how they feel about your brand. Leverage these insights in your restaurant through events like menu launches, new locations, and staff performance.
  • Find out the reactions of guests towards your menu through monitoring online conversations centered around your brand.
  • Discover the dishes that are mentioned often and determine whether they’re lavished with praise or lukewarm reviews to help you manage your menu.

Keep Track of Restaurant Trends

Trends make up a majority of consumer choices today, with viral videos and influencer suggestions paving the way for restaurant success. Keeping track of the latest eatery trends is a good way for you to attract customers and retain existing ones, both of which will contribute to your bottom line immensely.

  • Detect growing consumer trends (e.g. vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO) to gain an advantage over slow-moving rivals while keeping all customer groups happy.
  • Utilize social listening to optimize your restaurant’s menu and messaging to connect with your customers deeply.
  • Identify customer preferences for different locations and regions no matter where your restaurant is located.

Work With the Right Influencers

Influencers can make or break your restaurant. However, finding the right influencers to promote your company is not easy. Lucidya overcomes this challenge by analyzing every personality—from micro-influencers to mega-stars—so you can find the perfect influencer for your brand.

  • Work with influencers who are the ideal fit for your restaurant based on their personalities and follower demographics.
  • Track influencer marketing campaigns to assess whether your strategies are working out as expected.
  • Get more out of influencer marketing by empowering your strategies with valuable insights gained from customer conversations.

Avoid Crisis

A single negative Google review or Instagram post is all it takes to take your business down. With Lucidya, you can identify unhappy guests and resolve their problems before they impact your restaurant’s reputation.

  • Spot negative keywords about your brand or menu and comfort your customers before they turn into PR disasters.
  • Notify your team members whenever negative brand sentiment is detected, improving your restaurant’s customer support performance.
  • Generate actionable information from guest reviews to make necessary changes to your restaurant’s business decisions.

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