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Travel & Tourism

Travel companies need to prioritize customers and lifestyle experiences to achieve success. These days tourists rely heavily on social media for planning their holiday activities. By leveraging Lucidya, travel companies can establish their brand as the ultimate go-to source, for all travel-related decisions.

Improve business performance with advanced social insights

Bring in more guests with data

Work with the right influencers

Connect with your customers

Our platform is used by top Travel & Tourism companies

Improve business performance with advanced social insights

Utilize customer experience analytics to determine how well guests are reacting to your business’ performance. Track conversations in real-time to make changes to your processes and delight guests with efficient customer service—a cornerstone of all successful travel companies.

  • Utilize Lucidya’s sentiment analysis tool to uncover what people like or don’t like about your brand to identify potential operational issues related to customer service or HR.

  • Determine the performance of different locations and hotspots to understand what customers love about your brand.

  • Identify consumer trends that contribute the most to your brand’s success through keyword and hashtag monitoring.

Bring in more guests with data

Create engaging content to draw traffic and attract guests with the right audience data. Plan effective content promotion strategies by partnering with the right publications and influencers. Monitor how your campaigns are performing in an integrated, user-friendly dashboard.

  • Identify the best topics and social media platforms to push your content.

  • Analyze your results in real-time to see how effective your campaigns are at generating leads in the travel industry.

  • Create personalized buyer journeys powered by customer data to close more sales and shorten the buying cycle.

Work with the right influencers

Find the right influencers to connect with and promote your brand. Amplify your share of voice and generate buzz around your brand to delight new and existing customers.

  • Analyze potential influencers who fit your brand’s core values by breaking down their fanbase, behavior, engagement metrics, and potential ROI.

  • Create successful influencer marketing campaigns through data-driven strategies and laser-targeted messaging.

  • Monitor the performances of your influencer campaigns to find out what works and what needs to be changed.

Connect with your customers

Discover online conversations centered around your brand to identify your position in the travel industry. Utilize social analytics to make improvements to your business operations and keep customers happy no matter where they are. Create engaging content that connects with your customers deeply to gain an advantage over competitors.

  • Analyze the behaviors and personalities of your customers to determine what makes them happy and loyal to your brand.

  • Get notified whenever a negative mention is highlighted so your customer support team can react instantly.

  • Generate live reports and analyze important travel data to refine your campaigns and keep customer satisfaction levels at all-time high.

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