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Lucidya CDP

The power to know your customers as individuals and personalize their experience

Manage your customer data from various sources to create personalized profiles. All insights you want to enhance customer interactions, optimize marketing strategies, and improve overall customer experiences in one place.

Trusted globally by hundreds of leading brands


Lucidya CDP provides

Data Unification and Enrichment

360º View of Customers

Segmentation and Audience Building

Personalize customer experiences

Understand Customer Perception

Quick and Seamless Exports

Permission-Powered Access

Data Unification and Enrichment

Amplify your CXM with Lucidya's robust integrations.

Effortlessly integrate with Lucidya Omnichannel, Lucidya Survey and third-party systems, such as Zendesk and other CRMS.

Enhance your customer engagement ecosystem by streamlining operations through robust integrations.

360º View of Customers

Unify data from various sources for a comprehensive customer perspective.

Get a holistic customer profile that illuminates behaviors, preferences, and needs.

Obtain all-inclusive records of customer interactions, purchases, preferences, and demographics.

Segmentation and Audience Building

Group customers that share certain attributes, behaviors and preferences into segments allowing you to target specific audiences.

Streamline targeted marketing by resonating with customer segments through precise targeting that considers their values, goals, and preferences.

Personalize customer experiences

Tailor experiences to meet profound customer needs throughout their journeys.

Experience instantaneous updates and stay attuned to customer concerns and desires, ensuring you’re always in sync with your audience.

Deliver hyper-personalized messages and recommendations to customers at the right time and on the right platform.

Utilize collected information to make informed decisions and enhance your company’s marketing processes.

Understand Customer Perception

Analyze customer feedback to understand perceptions of your product and service quality.

Monitor satisfaction levels by comparing present and past engagement with your clientele.

Through AI powered insights, make strategies that align with your customers’ needs.

Quick and Seamless Exports

Seamlessly Export and Import Your Audience Lists

The Export and Import feature, allows you to export filtered audience profiles to a CSV file or import CSV files to the platform allowing you to tailor your audience profiles to perfection.

Enjoy flawless transfers facilitated by our validation-equipped system, guaranteeing precise data integration into your CDP profiles.

Permission-Powered Access

Your Data, Your Control

Prioritize data security and compliance. Lucidya CDP safeguards customer data, granting platform access solely to authorized users.


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