Channel Analytics

Integrate all your customer-facing channels to collect every single interaction for in-depth analysis


Unmatched Arabic content analysis

By understanding different Arabic dialects and slang, our AI engine reached an unmatched accuracy for analyzing Arabic content. Lucidya gives accurate analysis in both Arabic and English for things like Sentiment analysis, themes or account types, and others.


360º view of customers

All customer interactions across 10+ digital channels in one platform whether via emails, rating websites, chat, or social media channels.


Integrations & APIs

Extend the impact of our CXM by connecting to all of your most crucial third-party systems like Zendesk, Hootsuite, Intercom, Gmail, Salesforce and others.



Real-time highly configurable alerting system to keep you tuned 24/7 by sending you trigger-based alerts to you and your team.


Automated reporting

Automated Comprehensive reports in PowerPoint format that can be scheduled to be prepared to you daily, weekly or monthly.

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