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Lucidya Omnichannel

The power to tune into your voice of customer at any digital touchpoint

Lucidya Omnichannel gathers and analyzes customer data across all of your owned channels, including direct messages to your social media accounts, instant chats (WhatsApp Business + Intercom), emails, ratings/ reviews (Google My Business), and calls

Trusted globally by hundreds of leading brands


Lucidya Omnichannel provides

Unparalleled Arabic Content Analysis

360º View of Customers

Capture customer interactions

Seamless Integrations & APIs

Real-Time Alerts

Automated Reporting

Unparalleled Arabic Content Analysis

Revolutionize your Arabic content analysis

Lucidya Omnichannel provides precise analysis in both Arabic and English, covering essential aspects like Sentiment analysis, thematic insights, account types, and more.

Our AI engine has achieved unmatched accuracy in deciphering Arabic content, embracing diverse dialects and slangs.

360º View of Customers

Capture and analyze customer interactions across all digital channels

Integration of Lucidya Omnichannel with major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This integration captures and analyzes a wide spectrum of customer feedback—ranging from public comments to private messages directly sent to your profiles.

Lucidya Omnichannel seamlessly integrates with Google Maps, keeping brands consistently informed about their ratings and reviews on this influential platform.

Seamlessly track and manage customer feedback arriving via emails, Lucidya Omnichannel effortlessly merges with Gmail, allowing brands to stay at the forefront of customer interactions round the clock.

Capture customer interactions

Get in depth analysis of customer interactions

Bridge the gap between voice and text with call log integration, ensuring comprehensive review and analysis of all customer and brand communications.

Lucidya Omnichannel tracks and analyzes interactions from two prominent instant chat applications

For real-time tracking of customer interactions, spanning both current conversations and historical chats. Stay engaged with your customers like never before.

Remain attuned to customer concerns and desires, ensuring you’re always in sync with your audience.

Seamless Integrations & APIs

Amplify your CXM with Lucidya's robust integrations.

Effortless and efficient integration with dozens of applications and systems, such as Zapier, Zendesk, Hootsuite, Intercom, Gmail, Salesforce, and more.

Enhance your customer engagement ecosystem by streamlining operations through robust integrations.

Real-Time Alerts

Stay in the loop 24/7 with our highly configurable real-time alerting system.

Receive alerts triggered by audience complaints and comments, allowing you to address emerging issues and capitalize on opportunities as they arise.

Automated Reporting

Streamlined and Comprehensive Reports for You and Your Management/Clients

Ensure reports reach the right audience at the tight time—No manual export needed.

Access all essential information in beautifully organized reports for easy understanding. Customize filters to streamline data and focus on key insights.

Effortlessly export your Findings to excel and other popular spreadsheet applications in an instant.


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