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Lucidya Social Listening

The power to listen to your market and customers across social media, news, and blogs

Lucidya Social Listening gathers and analyzes data related to your brand, customers, and competitors across multiple social media platforms.

Trusted globally by hundreds of leading brands


Lucidya Social Listening provides

Spike Detection & Analysis

Simplified Metrics and Statistics

Establish Your Impactful Baselines

Newsletter Reports

Automated Reporting

Competitive Analysis & Benchmarking Dashboard

Customizable Dashboard

Spike Detection & Analysis

Uncover emerging trends from the onset

Receive Instant Alerts with Lucidya’s real-time crisis detection tool.

Detect unusual traffic spikes in real-time for immediate action.

Stay relevant to your audience by discovering and embracing trending hashtags.

Access vital social media stats through an integrated and interactive live dashboard.

Simplified Metrics and Statistics

Grasp the story behind your data with simplified statistics.

Analyze audience reactions to your content across various timelines.

Discover Top-Performing content to make the most of your marketing budget.

Evaluate customer satisfaction and opinions across support performance, products, and competitors through sentiment analysis.

Find out how often people are tweeting about your brand.

Establish Your Impactful Baselines

Receive real-time notifications on customer events and activities for swift responses and seizing PR opportunities.

Customize metrics, types, and thresholds to monitor relevant data, making smarter business decisions and focusing on insights that matter.

Get instant alerts when relevant influencers post, keeping you in tune with your target audience’s reactions.

Automated Reporting

Streamlined and comprehensive reports for you and your management/clients

Ensure reports reach the right audience at the tight time—No manual export needed.

Access all essential information in beautifully organized reports for easy understanding. Customize filters to streamline data and focus on key insights.

Effortlessly export your findings to Microsoft Excel in an instant.

Competitive Analysis & Benchmarking Dashboard

Elevate your edge with competitive analysis & benchmarking

Gauge your brand’s social media share in the industry and compare performance against competitors.

Evaluate market sentiment for your brand and rivals in one integrated, user-intuitive view.

Analyze support team’s efficiency across social media platforms in catering to customer queries.

Discover what your customers truly care about and elevate your brand’s messaging strategy.

Measure competitor performance to identify untapped opportunities your brand can leverage.

Customizable Dashboard

Effortless setup for immediate access

Access essential information, from customer sentiment to campaign performance, all in a single view. Extract data instantly with our user-intuitive dashboard design.

Personalize your dashboard to showcase only the data relevant to your business. Our dashboard adapts and optimizes itself for quick access to important information.

Never miss critical updates with our real-time dashboards. Experience instantaneous updates whenever a change occurs in your data.


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