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Lucidya Survey

The power to evoke and feel customer thoughts and feelings.

Uncover unconventional insights about your customers through comprehensive multi-question surveys, and extract a complete picture of your customer's experience with your brand.

Trusted globally by hundreds of leading brands


Lucidya Survey provides

Intuitive Survey Builder

Boost Self Awareness

Simplify Metrics and Statistics

Streamline Your Data

Seamless Integration

Effortless Duplication and Customization

Intuitive Survey Builder

Create, Share and View Results

Curate different types of surveys seamlessly through preset questions.

Launch surveys from your custom domain, seamlessly adding professionalism and trust to your survey experience.

Effortlessly share surveys online or offline.

Collect feedback seamlessly through links or QR codes.

Implement surveys at physical stores or points of sale for versatile feedback gathering.

Boost Self Awareness

Understand Customer Perception

Understand how well your customer service team handles queries and customer concerns.

Analyze customer feedback to understand perceptions of your product and service quality.

Benchmark your performance against results from past timelines to see how your customer support is improving.

Simplify Metrics and Statistics

Grasp the Story Behind Your Data with Simplified Statistics.

Evaluate responses, including open-ended questions, based on sentiment, dialects, and themes.

Keep tabs on response rates to gauge engagement levels.

Monitor survey reach and outcomes to grasp the effectiveness of your survey efforts.

Streamline Your Data

Record and filter responses

Monitor customer satisfaction levels by filtering responses over different time periods.

Export responses to Excel for in-depth analysis, including numeric values that can be subjected to Excel formulas.

Delve deeper into survey inputs and conduct thorough analyses, enabling valuable insights.

Maintain a comprehensive record of survey responses for future reference and analysis.

Seamless Integration

Lucidya’s Survey seamlessly integrates with Lucidya’s Customer Data Profile product.

Each survey response contributes to building a comprehensive user profile, allowing brands to create a holistic view of their customers.

Compare responses across various surveys, to enhance insights and understanding into your audience and brand.

Effortless Duplication and Customization

Welcome efficiency and seamless customization

Duplicate any survey in just a few clicks. Speed up your survey creation process and take your projects live sooner.

Customize the duplicated survey according to your needs. Tailor it to specific requirements without the hassle of starting anew.

Boost productivity by eliminating repetitive work, streamline your survey creation to expedite your projects.


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