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Tag: Data Analysis

Case study – Nabrah

Nabrah, a marketing agency, works with many renowned companies in Saudi Arabia to help them with their digital media presence to make sure they are distinctive and stand out in the market. Nabrah needs to be well informed not just about their clients but also about their social media standing so they can generate and […]

The Bulletproof Formula for Retail Companies to Thrive in Tomorrow’s Markets

Many retail companies struggled even before the pandemic happened. Is the retail apocalypse on the cusp of reality after the COVID-19 pandemic? Despite the high-profile closures in the past decade, a good chunk of retailers across the globe has survived with different products and services to offer. However, they are facing fierce competition from the […]

The Complete Guide for Enterprises

Introduction Social media is a critical medium for businesses to master. Not only is it the biggest digital marketing channel, but it also one of the most lucrative income sources for businesses of all sizes. Here are several statistics that highlight the power of social media: These numbers show that social media is a massive […]

Keep your Customers Updated During COVID-19 Pandemic Report

With the increase in the prevalence of Corona Virus (COVID-19) and the declaration of the World Health Organization, Corona as a global epidemic, and its health and economic impacts, users will interact more with the event around the clock, in this report, we monitor what social network users say about Corona virus.

Social Customer Care: The Ultimate Guide To Delighting Your Customers

The customer service landscape is an ever-changing one, with new trends and best practices constantly influencing the industry. Modern customers have moved away from the private, one-to-one support channel of old where an individual would call customer support, have their problems passed to the appropriate department, and so forth. With the rise of social media, customers […]

Competitive Analysis Report On Major Airlines In Gulf Region

This competitive report benchmarks the social presence and performance of major airlines in the gulf region. The report monitors brands activities on major social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn) and covers the period of 17/10/2019 to 17/11/2019. Airlines included in the report are: In this report you will discover: