Customer Care

Take your customer satisfaction performance to the next level


Increase customer retention & brand loyalty

Improve customer retention by planning and executive customer-driven strategies with Lucidya’s insights—all while boosting brand loyalty. Discover trending topics among your customers to understand what they really want from your brand. Identify influencers your target audience love to promote your value propositions.


Departmental performance measurement

Are your customers happy with your brand’s customer support? Find out how your business is performing support-wise with our sentiment analysis tool. Track the customer care performance of every business unit easily with Lucidya’s department-based measurement tool. Benchmark your performance against results from past timelines to see how your customer support is improving.


Instant customer support response

Don’t ignore pressing customer questions any longer. View customer queries from every social media platform in one view with Lucidya’s automatic question detection tool. Respond instantly to customer concerns and complaints the moment they appear on social media. Find out how efficient your team is at resolving queries and whether customers are satisfied with your responses.

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