Market Research

Gain access to never-before-seen social media insights for your brand


Smart market penetration planning

Reduce operational risk by identifying key players, their strengths and weaknesses, and behaviours of target audiences to successfully enter new markets. Filter your results down to the tiniest details for cleaner, more precise market research insights. Mitigate the risks of new products and services by understanding your customers from A to Z with our comprehensive audience insights tool.


Improve product management

Unsure about a launching product or service? Analyze the sentiment of your target audience to discover what makes them happy and what doesn’t. Improve your existing offerings with practical insights gained from high-value customers that make up the majority of your revenue.


Identify new market segments

Target new demographics that you missed previously to boost profits and market dominance tenfold. Look back at customer insights from the past to see how markets have changed over time. Identify top keywords and trends your brand should be aiming for to best satisfy your target audience’s content needs.


Accurate customer behaviour analysis

Find out what makes your customers buy and what delights them—without the tedious data work. Break down your brand’s content into segments to fine-tune analysis and uncover high-performing assets easily. Create relevant content that drives sales and generates valuable leads from social media.

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