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Social Media Sentiment Analysis
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Social Media Sentiment Analysis: Importance and Tools

It is the age of social media; people are doing more on social media than in reality, companies have started doing business on social media platforms. People prefer to shop online from their trusted brands, sell things using social media campaigns, post advertisements, etc. A lot of data and information is being posted on social media regularly. It can be in pictures, audio, videos, feedback, and documents. Companies gather the data of the people who visit their different social media sites to build dossiers on them. 

Anything you post on any social network site is monitored, so you have to be careful while posting anything. You have to keep in mind what you should post and who can view it. Even a single comment on a blog is added to an unknown database. So always think before posting any comment, blog, review, or anything else on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites. Your data can also be used for a multitude of the league or illegal purposes. 

Read this blog to understand how companies use the data you post on social media. This article explains how companies can deploy every single touchpoint on social media to make business profits. 

How Companies are Using Your Social Media Data? 

Most companies make accounts on social media sites to spread brand awareness. People visit these sites and share their opinions about the brand or their products and services on their social media platforms.  There are a lot of things that companies do with the data left on these platforms. Below we have discussed some of the most common uses of social media data. 

Know the Behavior and Interests of Customers 

You might have participated in some social media surveys that ask questions about your interests. When you answer these questions, the data is recorded on the cloud storage of that social media channel. The channel can then give your data to companies related to your interests. Through that information, companies know to tag you in their posts to keep you engaged on social media. Whenever you share your opinion about a particular product, the company gets an alert. This way the company can understand your interests, and you will only be seeing the pages, blogs, or tutorials of your interest. 

Customize Advertisements 

When you start using a social media platform, you provide your personal information to that website, including name, date of birth, email, and contact number. Brands then reach out to social media channels to collect data for their advertisements. When a channel advertises a brand, it gets money in return. So they very happily share your data with businesses paying them the big bucks.

Businesses use data taken from social media sites to share advertisements related to the products in which they show interest. They can make groups of customers with similar interests and make customized advertisements that can help them target the potential audience. You might start receiving emails or messages about the brand’s projects on your mobile numbers. It means your data plays an important role in the growth of businesses.

Making Customers Satisfied 

With the social media data, companies know customers’ preferences by asking simple questions or through different advertisements or engaging customers by sending them email messages. The companies try to fulfill the requirements of their customers to build loyalty towards the brand. 

When the companies know about the customers’ experiences and feedback, they can deliver the right products and satisfy their customers, leading to growth in their revenue. Nothing is more important for companies than having insider data about their potential customers and their needs and this helps them improve the performance and quality of their products. 

Use it To Make Business Decisions. 

Businesses take data from social media platforms and then use this data to make business decisions. For example, if people react badly to the brand’s logo or a product is rejected in campaigns or on advertisements posted on social media the companies can have prior information and rethink their business strategy. They can either improve the product quality according to the customers’ expectations or come up with a different but better product.  

The decisions taken based on collected data play a significant role in the company’s growth and can lead to sure success. The information found on social media channels is public, so they can use it the way they want. Many reports show that social media data plays an important part in the growth of a business and helping it stand firm with its competitors. Organizations can make business plans and advertisements based on this data and improve the percentage of the sale of a product. 

Social Data Is Used To Stop Frauds 

Businesses also track the user’s data from different social media channels protected from fraud. Users who have provided their credit card details in any payment procedure receive an authentication code so they can again use their credit card online. It always asks for authentication even if the user is personally accessing the site. When users provide the wrong password, they must undergo a stricter authentication process. The platform will compare the credit card details with your publicly provided information and can also be used for your protection. It will keep your credit card details secret and help prevent fraud. 

Targeted Marketing 

One of the most effective uses of the users’ social media data is to target an audience, which can produce positive reactions about a specific product. Companies can target potential audiences and make a suitable plan for them. They can build a marketing strategy according to their customer data. 

Credit Card Mails 

Credit card companies use the customers’ social media data to launch their products and understand their user behavior. Reports show that credit card companies will start using social media data to deliver emails to users about their credit card deals in the next few years. They will flood your mailbox with new and exciting deals on their products. Your social media data allows these companies to understand customer insights and help make their business and products grow. 

Social Media Usage Tips 

No doubt you cannot quit using social media platforms as it’s one of the best ways to stay connected with your network of people. You could be using it for a job to stay in contact with your colleagues or as a student to stay connected with your friends and teachers. However, you have to take some preventive measures to keep your data protected. In the following paragraphs, you will read some of the tips that can help you use social media platforms in the right manner. 

  • First, you have to choose between a public or private profile. If you have a public account, your information is public property, so you should always be careful to avoid controversies. So don’t even share a joke about your personal life as it can lead to difficulties. 
  • You should remove all the sites and social networks from your profile in which you are not interested. Always be in the social media societies which match you and your interests. 
  • Always keep an eye on your invites and friend requests. Don’t allow random associations. Always react to the posts of those whom you know and are on your friend’s list. Please don’t accept requests from people you don’t know as they might use your information for illegal purposes. 


When you make an account on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and LinkedIn, the companies provide a privacy policy agreement that tells what that social media channel does with your data. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough time to read a lengthy privacy agreement document discussing the ways third parties can use our data. These channels are authorized to share your data on your behalf with any company. These companies can use this data to improve their products or brand. They can agree with the social media channels to advertise their products on it to predict the future of the product.

Although it is the right of every person to use the latest technologies, these technologies have also shown side effects. Your data is not confidential anymore. It can be used by third parties legally or illegally. It is why cyber security agencies are working to keep data protected. However, as a social media user, you should be careful while uploading any document or reacting to any material on social media.

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