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Tag: CXM

Everything you need to know about our Audience product

From individual consumers to big business accounts, customers demand relevant and  personalized engagements. Lucidya’s audience product is actually a tool that creates customer data profiles. Customer data profiles are basically dashboards or platforms that contain key data about customers and their interactions with a business. Our Audience product is a centralized data store for all […]

What it means to be a complete CXM suite in 2023

New year, bigger and better us!  It doesn’t matter if you are a well established brand or if you are a budding startup, what every organization needs to realize is that customer experience management is the key to any successful business.  As the new year starts with even newer technologies in toe, businesses need to […]

Lucidya Hosted its First Annual Event

Lucidya’s first annual customer event was held last Wednesday the 7th of December 2022 at the Crowne Plaza, Digital City, Riyadh. The event was titled ‘Gamechangers’ for being a first of its kind, celebrating Lucidya’s clients and partners making strides to change the CX game by delivering unparalleled customer experience. The event was attended by […]

The story behind ‘Gamechangers’

This year has been abundant with wins: wins for Lucidya, wins for our team, and wins for our customers and partners. Last week, at #Gamechangers2022, the first edition of Lucidya’s annual event, we all took it upon ourselves to come together and celebrate these wins. First and foremost, we celebrated Lucidya’s capacity to support brands in […]