Brand Reputation Auditing

Never miss an important conversation about your brand again


Find out where you stand

Identify your brand’s position in your industry—both among your competitors and target audience. Understand what your target audience thinks of your brand on every social media platform with our sentiment analysis tool. Amplify your brand’s strengths and fix glaring weaknesses to gain an edge in the market.


Empower your business strategy

Plan and execute successful marketing strategies with in-depth insights and brand knowledge. Mitigate business risks by making informed decisions backed by relevant market data. Elevate customer satisfaction with laser-targeted campaigns that satisfy their greatest wants and needs.


Establish impactful baselines

Establish meaningful and actionable benchmarks to dictate the effectiveness of brand reputation campaigns from different timelines. From measuring share of voice to comparing your performance against competitors, you get all the vital info you need to measure business strategies accurately.


Comprehensive due diligence

Gather vital social media metrics with a single click, making due diligence for you and your partners a breeze. Receive beautiful, lightweight reports with visuals that highlight important details so you can grasp your brand’s performance within seconds.

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