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What is Lucidya

AI-powered Customer Experience Management platform

We empower businesses to understand and better serve their customers using industry-leading AI built for the Arab world

Monitor Critical Customer Conversations

Listen to what your customers are saying no matter where they are. Lucidya’s analytics engine transforms conversations into actionable information to empower decision-making and grow your brand. Never miss a conversation with Lucidya’s advanced text analysis feature, including support for various Arabic dialects.

Listen to Your Customers
Track Critical Customer Conversations

Know How Your Customers Feel

Are your customers happy? Is there something wrong with your product? Are your competitors doing better? Answer these questions and find out how your customers really feel about your brand with Lucidya’s sentiment analysis tool.

Understand Your Customers
Know How Your Customers Feel

Make Influencer Marketing Easy

Work with the right influencers who connect deeply with your customers. Skip the tedious part of finding relevant personalities with Lucidya’s influencer discovery and analysis tool. Benchmark every aspect of your influencer marketing campaigns to boost performance and efficiency.

Find the Right Influencers
Make Influencer Marketing Easy

Generate Sales Opportunities

Discover golden opportunities from social media prospects. Find leads who are searching for a solution like yours and attract customers from rival brands. Generate high-value clients through engaging with customers with Lucidya’s social listening tool.

Get More Leads
Generate Sales Opportunities


In Depth Tracking

In-Depth Monitoring

Lucidya Monitors conversations from over 200 million websites, blogs, and forums to give your brand the insights it needs to make smarter decisions. Combine with Lucidya’s advanced filtering features and your brand will never miss important customer conversations again.

Advanced Arabic Text Analysis

Advanced Arabic Text Analysis

Lucidya world-class text analysis engine monitors and analyzes conversations in English and all Arabic dialects, be it Najdi, Hijazi, Khaliji, Egyptian, Levantine or any other dialect. Your brand can understand customers better and create effective, targeted campaigns to zone in on customers with different dialects.

Complete Social Media Data

Complete Social Media Data

Collect and analyze customer data from every social media platform. With native support for major social media channels, your brand can generate valuable insights to execute successful social media campaigns consistently.

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