Customers have multiple options to choose from in today’s hyper-connected world. For telecom providers, having the fastest network, the latest smartphones, or the cheapest plans are no longer enctations. ough—it’s all about offering excellent customer experience. Lucidya empowers you to build strong relationships with your customers, deliver necessary solutions, and delight them beyond expe

Build Relationships Across Every Channel

Keep up with customers in different markets across all social media platforms. With Lucidya, you can engage with customers no matter if they’re on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Improve conversion rates through optimizing your customer experience journeys.

  • Monitor relevant online conversations to find out what customers think of your brand and your fiercest competitors.
  • Discover the deepest wants and needs of your target audiences to craft personalized solutions and build strong connections with your customers.
  • Bring in more customers by identifying key factors that drive leads to buy. Leverage these insights into your sales strategy to convert more leads and boost your revenue.

Make Better Decisions With Data

Utilize data from your customers and their demographics to improve your business’ processes and operations. With Lucidya’s social analytics tool, you can access actionable data with only a few clicks and share the information with the rest of your team. Making informed business decisions has never been easier with Lucidya.

  • Perform deep analysis of your brand’s share of voice to compare against rivals in the telecoms space. Formulate effective strategies to strengthen your influence among your target audiences.
  • Make better decisions with insightful customer data, complete with historical information across all timelines.
  • Identify successful competitor strategies to emulate in your business, thus improving the growth and scalability of your brand.

Turn Your Customers Into Loyal Supporters

Customers want to feel like your brand cares about them, almost as if you’re a close friend. With Lucidya’s social listening tool, you can connect with your customers to enable conversations that strengthen their loyalty to your brand.

  • Dial into customer conversations and craft personalized messages to improve brand loyalty and reputation.
  • Detect potential PR crises by monitoring negative sentiment and nipping in the bud of the problem before it boils over.
  • Create effective campaigns based on insights generated from customer conversations across all social media platforms.

Empower Your Support Team

Ease the work and performance of your support teams by granting them access to important conversations. Lucidya’s real-time monitoring tool detects unhappy customers automatically so your team can respond the moment a negative comment appears.

  • Improve customer support performances by responding immediately to customer questions and negative conversations.
  • Accelerate collaboration by sharing data across teams with Lucidya’s real-time dashboard and instant report tools.
  • Integrate Lucidya’s insights with popular business tools to further streamline your customer support workflow.

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