Are you ready to change the game?

Join Lucidya in celebrating our customers and partners who are making strides to change the game by delivering next-level customer experience. This event is taking place on the 7th of December in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Highlights of the event will include:

  • New products launch
  • 2023 product roadmap
  • Awards for customers and partners



Most accurate Arabic sentiment analysis

By understanding different Arabic dialects and slang, our AI engine reached an unmatched accuracy for analyzing Arabic content.

360º view of customers

All customer interactions across many digital channels in one platform whether via social media channels, emails, rating websites, or chat.

Ranked #1

Ranked as the highest-rated in our category by users in the MENA region and among the best in the world.

Exceptional Customer Success service

We provide a dedicated Customer Success Manager who understands your audience to ensure you are getting the most out of the platform.

Global Awards & Recognition

Global Awards & Recognition

Global Awards & Recognition