Agencies are always looking to push their limits with creative solutions to pressing client problems. With social analytics, your agency can draw inspiration from millions of online conversations to come up with optimized campaigns, transparent measurement, and better client performances.

Drive Success With Data

Develop effective client pitches and strategies with data. Lucidya gives you everything you need to know about the market, target audiences, and in-demand solutions. Understand how customers feel about your clients’ brand. Benchmark campaign performances from any point in time against competitors. Generate reports filled with insightful data in one click to make client meetings a lot smoother

  • Identify potential audiences for brand messaging and campaign targeting strategies.
  • Detect customer sentiment and analyze their conversations across all social media platforms in real-time.
  • Determine which strategies perform best over different timelines with advanced analytics and campaign measurement tools.

Keep Your Clients Happy

Lucidya’s built-in tool makes generating beautiful reports easy. Collect and analyze various metrics in one neatly-designed document for your clients to view campaign performances. Add more value to your relationships by delivering engaging client presentations with actionable data collected from customer and campaign insights.

  • Generate reports from campaign data from any point in time.
  • Spend less time on report generation by receiving stunning, formatted reports with the click of a button.
  • Deliver greater satisfaction to your clients through leveraging valuable consumer data in your strategies.

Close More Deals

Convincing your clients and closing lucrative deals becomes easier with Lucidya. Our tool offers in-depth audience data and practical insights to make client pitches effective. Show potential clients that you understand their problem and have a laser-targeted solution to it based on real data. Create persuasive client pitches with our intuitive report generation tool so you spend less time researching, more on closing sales.

  • Identify your client’s share of voice and brand reputation to figure out their position in the market.
  • Detect popular keywords to capitalize on growing trends in your client’s target markets.
  • Monitor relevant conversations and leverage the insights in your next client pitch to spark confidence in your agency.

Generate Extra Revenue

You can convert customer insights generated from social media as an additional revenue stream for your agency. Create attractive packages or bundle data analytics as part of your unique value proposition to impress clients and win more deals.

  • Make data analytics a key differentiator of your agency’s services.
  • Generate additional revenue from selling valuable customer insights from various industries and markets.
  • Leverage data analytics to create engaging content to establish your agency as a thought leader in your field.

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