Campaign Measurement

Measure your marketing campaigns with unparalleled precision


Total performance measurement

Uncover every key metric—from social media impressions to the impact on brand sentiment—to find out how your campaigns are really performing. Highlight key details and performance improvements by benchmarking your current results against previous campaigns. Get easy access to your brand’s social media statistics in one integrated and interactive live dashboard.


Effortless campaign optimization

No more wasting money on ineffective ads. Double down on successful campaigns while eliminating poorly-performing ones with data-driven insights. See what your customers are talking about online with real-time hashtag analysis to optimize and elevate your campaigns’ messaging.


Actionable competitor analysis

Find out what competitors are doing right and wrong to take inspiration in your own campaigns. Analyze what your target audience is tagging on social media, all the way from analyzing sentiment to spotting relevant influencer tweets as they happen. Find out the good and bad things people are saying about your rivals and your brand—even if your name is not in the conversation.


Crisis prevention

Detect and fix serious issues in your campaigns before they turn into PR nightmares. Get notified instantly whenever unusual mention spikes are spotted to facilitate quick responses. Analyze social media hashtags to understand what your target audience is discussing to prevent potential crises.

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